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Improving your health requires a holistic viewpoint that doesn't always fit into a nice neat box. "That's beyond our scope" is akin to "not my job" when it comes to health systems looking to solve problems. Our goal as an independent non-profit is to fill those gaps.



Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world - Nelson Mandela

At HH we are lifelong learners. We are humbled to recognize that healthcare policies are moving targets. This is a fluid system where one minor change can make a major impact. The Health Education initiative is to set a level floor to financial and healthcare literacy in our community while also providing timely updates and changes that will affect you. Our belief is that better educated consumers create better health outcomes and better experiences when utilizing healthcare services.

Current Initiatives

CHIP Chats

Did you know 100% of children in Pennsylvania are eligible for CHIP? And, of those eligible, if there are three children or fewer in the household nine times out of ten CHIP is both cheaper and better coverage than an employer plan? CHIP Chats are public workshops to walk through navigating CHIP and how it can help individuals with dependents. 

Common Chat Venues: Employers, Libraries, Child Development Centers, School District Parent Initiatives

Finance 101

Since our Principal is dual-licensed in health benefits and as a Financial Advisor, Finance 101 focuses on proactive savings strategies to lessen the burden of high health costs. No workshops will discuss specific products or solutions since HH is a nonprofit. This reduces conflicts of interest and allows the workshop to be isolated to a conversation and not given with ulterior motives. 

Benefits 101

Deductible, copay, coinsurance, out-of-pocket limits, PPO, HMO, POS, EPO, Medicare, Medical Loss Ratio....the list goes on. For some, the fear of making a wrong move with healthcare is the very thing deterring them from seeking help. Call it "closet pride." Not wanting to feel stupid asking the basics. The reality, many of these concepts can be broken down into bite-sized parts. For most employees, they've never had a chance to ask questions. For Employers, many of their brokers don't give them the time to do just that. Our Benefits workshops help consumers make better-informed decisions not just on how to manage the financial component to healthcare, but also ensure high-quality care and know they have a sounding board for medical issues.

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Get Involved

At Helping Health we can always use your help. Whether it is a monetary gift, sharing your time as a volunteer, or using your unique skills to help the community, we are thankful for you!





Get Involved

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