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Improving your health requires a holistic viewpoint that doesn't always fit into a nice neat box. "That's beyond our scope" is akin to "not my job" when it comes to health systems looking to solve problems. Our goal as an independent non-profit is to fill those gaps.



Pinochle, a rite of passage.

If you are new to the Smith household, you find out pretty quickly that every family get-together was met with hours around a kitchen table playing cards, having laughs, and making memories. As a newby, you'd be invited to engage, offered a seat, and mentored on the rulebook. My mom would make you a cheat sheet of the points, and my uncle would sit behind you to say, "Not that card, this one!" And don't you dare say that grandma reneged. That was a big nono! Both written and unwritten rules were followed and all was good! I'm sure you can swap Smith for your family, Pinochle for your game of choice and your generation to generation passed down rules for that given game. The rules were yours and so long as they were followed everyone was happy. BUT, take a newby who had their own rules and the stars may not align!

Why am I saying this? 

In real life we swap out Smith for America, Pinochle for Life, and Rules for Laws. And they have a pretty big impact. The interesting part is that in the household world rules are different from family to family. They were established by some decision, some precedent that has carried on. But, that doesn't mean anyone's rule book is either complete or the unspoken truth. The reality is the world is grey; not black and white. Whether at the local level where 500,000 people call Lancaster home, state-level of 13 million, or federal level of over 300 million, each has its own set of rules that need to be coordinated across borders. Add rules by agencies like the IRS, Department of Labor, and Department of Health and Human Services, and there are inevitable gaps in policy that need further guidance and adjustment.


An Example of this was at a CMS Innovation day event in January 2020. It was interesting to see stakeholders ask various questions about a new HRA regulation. To which, the IRS stated "x is how we would suggest solving that problem." and the Department of Labor responded, "yes, but that is not allowed under section y of our compliance code." Even with the best intention, families don't always get along. Our mission at HH is to make sure consumers have a seat at the table when laws are being discussed, and give our stakeholders perspective when State and Federal agencies/congress are deciding on future public policy outcomes.

Current Initiatives

Strategic Development Committee Member of CPBGH​

Running for CPAHU Legislative Chair

Stakeholders Roundtable Member - PENNIE 

Alpha Broker Member - CMS

Regular Washington DC. Invitee to CMS Roundtables

PA Senate/House Monitoring/Comments

DOI Monitoring/Comments

As a nonprofit, HH is not a paid lobbyist representing any given organization. We solely represent our constituents and the needs of our community. 

Disclosure: Joshua Brooker, our principal, is regularly invited to discuss with state-level legislators. At times, connections are made through Bravo Group, a lobbying firm in Harrisburg, PA. PAHU does retain Bravo as a lobbyist. Joshua Brooker is a member of PAHU and CPAHU which allows for the connection, but he is in no way compensated for this role.

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