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Helping Hands


We are a collective group driven by something bigger than all of us. 



We envision a world where everyone has access to quality healthcare.


We are committed to addressing the underlying social and economic causes of a condition before they become the major health effects.


We believe healthcare literacy is at the core of effectively navigating the healthcare system.


We believe better-informed citizens don't fear the financial component of addressing their health.

We believe the systems in place help the many. We are committed to helping the few that fall through the cracks. For Lancaster County alone that is easily 25,000 - 50,000 people.



2013: Many of the best organizations are founded based on personal events, and Helping Health is no exception. Founder and Principal, Joshua Brooker received a big surprise along with the birth of his first child. The insurers double-billed him on the premise his oldest son was born in a different plan year(1/1) than his mother was admitted(12/31). Out of frustration, and lack of advocacy, he found his purpose. 

2014: The Affordable Care Act went live with the first individual health enrollments on We were there.

2015: Joshua shifted to a Financial Advisor role attaining his series 7 and 66 for personal finance advising. As a fiduciary, his job was to work within a clients best interest to solve complex financial issues.

2016: PA Health Advocates, our sister company(for profit) was founded to assist across Group, Individual, and Medicare Markets.

2017: Erika Hollingsworth joined team PAHA and quickly began assisting low-income households with CHIP and Medicaid enrollments as a pro bono initiative.

2020: At the height of the Pandemic, HH was founded to provide healthcare literacy, consumer advocacy, financial assistance, and effect change on Social Determinants of Health. 

Due to the volume of Medicaid and CHIP enrollments within PAHA, and a mission to continue supporting our community, Helping Health was founded to raise grants and donations so that we can sustainably support the community. 

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